Mailman is a web-based, open source, electronic Mailing List Management system (MLM). With Mailman, any member of the UNH Community may sponsor and manage a community mailing list as a discussion forum or for organizational announcements.

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The electronic mailing list is almost as old as email itself, with the first widely used program dating back to 1984. It is still a useful technology today because it leverages an application we all still use, email. An email list can be used to efficiently send an announcement to a standing list of subscribers. Or it can be used to provide a common forum where subscribers can trade ideas, insights, or ask the group for its collected wisdom.

At the heart of this type of list is a unique email address that is used to reach all subscribers. The primary job of the mailing list system is to make sure only authorized individuals are allowed to send messages via the list, and to politely inform posters when they may not do so and why. With any large number of email addresses, inevitably there will be email delivery problems for a few subscribers. The mailing list system automatically handles these delivery issues, notifying the list owner as necessary and making sure that subscribers are shielded from error notices and similar mailing list administrivia.

Mailman is an example of a classic Internet electronic mailing list service. You'll often hear this type of service casually referred to as a LISTSERV, much as people may ask for a Kleenex when what is actually wanted is any handy facial tissue. Two hallmarks of this type of mailing list, compared to other methods of distributing email, include:

The four primary user roles related to the use, care, and feeding of an email mailing list at UNH are:

Mailman at the University of New Hampshire is provided by UNH IT as a free service in support of the university's mission as the state’s public research university, providing comprehensive, high-quality undergraduate programs and graduate programs of distinction.

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