These are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about starting a new Mailman email list. Any member of the UNH Community may sponsor and manage a community mailing list as a discussion forum or for organizational announcements.

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A FAQ file is a living document. If you do not find your question here, or if the question is not answered adequately, please let us know by sending an email message to

Q-01: Who may request a new list?

Any member of the UNH community is eligible to sponsor, request, and own (manage) a mailing list. The only requirement is that you must have a functional UNH email address where we can always reach you in a timely fashion. However keep in mind that a request may be denied if the proposed name or stated purpose of the list is not in good taste (i.e. would reflect poorly on the university).

(If you cannot or do not want to satisfy the UNH email address requirement, we recommend Groups.IO as a good alternative service.)

Q-02: How do I know what lists are available?

Ah, you are wise beyond your years. Before requesting a new list, you want to see if there may already exist a list similar to the one you wish to create. Your answer may or may not be found on the UNH Mailman list of lists page. When initially created, all new mailing lists are given the cloak of invisibility. It is up to each individual list owner to decide if the existence of that list should be visible to the world. For many lists, subscriptions are by invitation only, so they remain hidden. For the knowledge you seek, your best bet is to contact the Mailing List Server Admin ( with a brief note about the kind of list you are looking for or wish to create.

Q-03: Who may subscribe to my list?

Literally anyone with a working Internet email address. A UNH Mailman mailing list must be owned by a member of the UNH Community with a working UNH domain email address. But there are no such restrictions for subscribers. Many of the mailing lists on our server are regional, national, and international in scope.

Q-04: How do I control who can post to my list?

When you request your new list, you will select from 4 basic list types: open, discussion (Q-06), moderated (Q-07), and announcement (Q-08). Out of the box each type of list is designed to provide a default posting policy for your list that is appropriate for how you want it to be used. From there you can modify the posting rights of any given subscriber, or you can change the new subscriber defaults which will change how your list works for all future subscribers.

Q-05: What are the UNH list name requirements?

The name of the list must be no more than 26 characters long, using only letters and numbers. A period is used where a space would normally appear. And since at least one period is required in the name, this implies that there are no single word list names allowed. And no, the list name may not start or end with a period.

Q-06: What is a discussion list?

This is an initial list type where only subscribers may post to your list and by default are not moderated. You can turn on moderation for any given subscriber at any time. Attempts to post by non-subscribers will be directed to you, the list owner.

Q-07: What is a moderated list?

A moderated list starts all new subscribers as being moderated. This means that any attempt to post to the list will require an approval from the list owner or from one of the designated moderators. You can turn off moderation for any given subscriber at any time. Attempts to post by non-subscribers will be directed to you, the list owner.

Q-08: What is an announcement list?

An announcement list is intended for one way postings by you, the list owner, and any subscriber(s) you designate (unmoderate). If a moderated subscriber attempts to post a message to the list, they will receive an automatic reply reminding them that the list is for 'official' announcements only, and you the list owner will receive a copy of the attempted posting.

Q-09: What are mailing list archives?

Archiving is the automatic storage of all of the list's postings. Archiving is turned off by default. You, as the list owner, can turn archiving on if appropriate. The archives are web accessible from your list's home page. It is your decision if the archives are to be available only to your current subscribers, or open for the whole world to see. There's nothing in between.

Q-10: How do I request a new list?

By using the official new mailing list request form.

Or if you have any questions or need some consultation about the problem you're trying to solve, drop an email to your friendly neighborhood List Server Admin at and tell us what you have in mind.

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