These are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for UNH Mailman list owners and sponsors. Mailman provides a list owner admin console for managing your list of subscribers and how your list handles postings made to your list. List owners are also strongly encouraged to be familiar with the subscriber FAQ.

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A FAQ file is a living document. If you do not find your question here, or if the question is not answered adequately, please let us know by sending an email message to

NOTE: You will want to substitute the actual name of your list in all lowercase wherever you see "my.list" in the examples below.

Q-00: Is there a manual for list owners?

You bet! An overview of how Mailman works and a description of the most used features can be found in the Mailman List Administration Manual (PDF).

Q-01: Where are the web pages for my list?

Every Mailman list has a set of web pages which provide access to services for both you the administrator, and your subscribers. To find your pages, you need to know the exact spelling of your list name. To administer your list you also must know its current password. (Contact the Mailing List Server Admin ( if you need help with either of these factoids.)

Your List's Web Pages:

Q-02: How do I reset my list's password?

Someday we'll have a really spiffy self-service form for doing that. But for now contact the Mailing List Server Admin ( It will help greatly if you know the exact name of your list. Note that if we can't reach you via your UNH (or USNH, or Granite) email address, you're gonna be out of luck.

Q-03: How can people subscribe to my list?

The easiest thing to do is direct people to your list's home page where they can submit their own subscription request. People can also request a subscription by simply sending an email to the special list address:
And of course you can manually send a subscription invitation using your list's admin console. See Q-07 below for more information.

Q-04: How do I control who can post to my list?

When you originally requested your list, you selected one of four basic list types: open, discussion, moderated, or announcement. Each list type is designed to provide a default posting policy for new subscribers to your list. Beyond this you can use your list's admin console to individually manage each subscriber's posting permissions. For example, to allow a particular subscriber to post to your announcement list without rejection, or post to your moderated list without being moderated, you would remove moderation for that particular subscriber.

Q-05: How do my subscribers contact me?

Each list has a special email address that goes straight to the list owner.
People can also find your actual email address at the bottom of your list's home page, but you should encourage people to use the generic owner address instead. This address will always reach the current list owner(s). You'll appreciate this feature if you ever turn the keys for your list over to a new list owner.

Q-06: Can there be more than one list owner?

Definitely. And in almost all cases it is a good idea. However if you feel you need to have more than, say 5 list owners, you may want to contact the List Server Admin and explain what it is you are trying to accomplish with so many owners. There may be a better approach.

The only restriction is that the all current owners of your list have a functioning and monitored email address in one of the following domains:

As the list owner, you can add additional owners using your list's administration console page.
Under General Options, you will see an owner setting where all of the current owners are listed. Edit this list to add or remove owners. When finished, click on the Submit Your Changes button. (And don't forget to give the list's password to the new owner.)

Again, all owners must be a member of the USNH community and we determine this by the owner email address. Any non-USNH owner email addresses that are discovered will be removed. Contact the List Server Admin to request a special exception from this policy.

Q-07: How do I manually add/invite subscribers?

Go to your list's administration console.
Then navigate to Membership Management..., then Mass Subscription. (You'll use this even if you only want to subscribe one or two members.) In the box provided, enter one or more email addresses in the following recommended format:
        "Cooper, John" <>

        "Smith, Mary" <>

        "Baker, Ted" <>

Then press the Submit Your Changes button. When the page refreshes, be sure to look at the top of page for a brief report on the results of your submission.

For best results, always place "quotes" around the person's real name, and enter the address inside of <angle-braces>. But if you don't know the subscriber's name, you may omit the <angle-braces> from the address, as illustrated above.

NOTE: Unsatisfactory results may occur if you cut/paste from a Word document, or other non-plain text format. See the List Owner's Cookbook recipe for how to bulk add subscribers from a spreadsheet.
If this your first time manually adding subscribers, start out by just do a few at a time. Don't forget to press the Submit Your Changes button for each batch to actually add them!

Q-08: Why can't I post to my own announcement list?

An announcement list is configured so that all new subscribers are added as moderated, and all postings by a moderated subscriber are rejected with a polite message. Even though you are the list's owner, Mailman plays no favorites. You have to give yourself posting rights using either one of two methods:

Generally we recommend being subscribed to your own list so you can monitor all postings made to it. But it's your call.

Q-09: How do I make self-subscription requests automatic?

All lists on the UNH Mailman server, when initially created and configured, provide the most restricted subscription policy rules by default.

As the list owner, you can turn either or both features off.

  Member Must
Confirm = Yes
Member Must
Confirm = No
Owner Must
Approve = Yes
Safest OK for
Limited Membership
Owner Must
Approve = No
Some Risk Not

Here are the pros and cons for all of the possible configurations.

You can change the Confirm/Approve settings for your list under the Privacy options... --> Subscription rules page on your list's administration console. Look for "What steps are required for subscription?"

Q-10: How can I extract (export) a list of my subscribers?

There are a couple of different ways to accomplish this: You are also welcome to contact the UNH list server administrator on an infrequent basis to request a courtesy CSV dump of your list.

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