This page is aimed at Mailman list owners who already know the basics but are wondering how to mix all the Mailman ingredients together into a solution for a particular mailing list problem. Here you will find task-oriented recipes that go beyond the basic frequently asked question.

• What is Mailman?
• What Can Mailman Do For You?
• Subscriber FAQ
• List Owner FAQ
• New List FAQ
• The List Owner's Cookbook

Do you have an idea for a new recipe, or better still, one to contribute? Drop an email to the List Server Admins and let us know.

Note: We try to provide examples whenever possible. Where you see my.list, substitute your own list's name in all lowercase. Likewise with My.List, only use the appropriate mixed case version of your list's name, as it appears on your list's home page. And it should go without saying that all of the example subscriber names and email addresses are totally fictitious.

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