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UNH IT provides a free email list hosting service for the University of New Hampshire community at large. For general information about mailing list services at UNH, please refer to the UNH IT Knowledge Base article on this topic.

The UNH Mailman home page describes all aspects of using the Mailman mailing list management system at UNH, including how to apply for a new opt-in list for your department, organization, club, or informal special interest group.

Requesting Support

Please use the following contact points for requesting help related to a UNH email list.

If you are a subscriber...

Each list is managed by the list's owner, who determines the policies and mission for the list. If you have a question about a UNH list you are subscribed to, send an email message to:

where the.list.name is the name of the list. The list's name can be found at the bottom of a posting you have received from the list (or as an attachment) or by looking at the message's To: address. If you cannot determine the list you are subscribed to, please forward a posting from the list, along with a brief description of the issue, to the List Server Admin (see below). We will try and redirect your request for help to the list's owner who is in the best position to assist you.

If you are a list owner...

The UNH List Server Admin provides support services to all current and future list owners. We review and process all new list requests, help with technical questions regarding Mailman, and on request from the list's owner, will retire the list when it is no longer needed. Contact us at:
Our goal is to reply before the end of the next UNH business day.

If you want to make a mass email posting...

For more information about making general announcements to the UNH community at large, or specific demographic groups within that community, please see the Directed Communications service page.

Everything else...

Please contact the UNH IT Service Desk.

Last updated: 1-APR-2019